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Resolving the GAP between those who are BORN DIGITAL and those who ARE NOT!

PARENTS! Have you felt the impact yet?


This report will give you 7 POWERFUL
into how ‘the device knowledge gap’
is impacting children and parents – everyday.

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About the Impact Report

As the first generation of parents with children who are ‘digital natives’ … many of you feel that you are navigating them through a whole new world with no road map or compass.

Does device usage really have an impact on children?

The simple answer is ‘YES’! What you’ll discover in this report is the difference between what we as parents believe happens in the online world, versus what really goes on for a child.

This IMPACT REPORT is made available to you FREE OF CHARGEbecause every parent must read it!

You will discover 7 THOUGHT PROVOKING INSIGHTS into how device usage is impacting children and parents – everyday.

After reading it, you may find yourself needing to KNOW MORE ...

You must do this program!

“Help! I’m a parent of a deviceKid!”

This online program equips you with the knowledge to navigate your kid confidently through the unchartered digital world.

This is what other parents are saying:

“I thought I knew a lot about devices and social media and then I read this report – it was a real eye-opener.” Dan – father of 3, Werribee, VIC

“Thank you so much for putting this report together and for giving it away as a free resource. It must have taken many hours of work and it has really paid off. I never realised the impact until I read this report. I cannot wait to do your program”. Linda – mum of 2, Malvern, VIC

“You have revealed some really interesting issues that we are starting to see in the news but should be discussing even more.” Harini – mother of 1, Altona, VIC

Many of my girlfriends have children similar ages to mine… we are constantly trying to update each other on the most recent tech that our children are using, talking about or requesting. We really look forward to doing the program!” Isla – mum of 3, Eltham, VIC

“I have been so ignorant. Not any more.” Richard – dad and step-dad of 4, Randwick, NSW

“I think any parent could benefit from this. Parents really do have their heads in the sand when it comes to what they think their children get up to online” Beck – mum of 2, Knox, VIC

“I have relied heavily on my ‘safety net’ of parental controls. I try to engage with my children about this however this has reduced, as life got busier. I will now re-evaluate how these devices consume us.” Jenny – mum of 3, Wantirna, VIC

“I have to admit I was really uncomfortable reading this. I didn’t really want to know… sometimes ignorance is bliss. As a parent I know I have to be knowledgeable, but I guess the challenge is for me to address my own fears first.” Mary-Ann – mum of 1, Footscray, VIC


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