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Resolving the GAP between those who are BORN DIGITAL and those who ARE NOT!

More questions came ...

… If social media was spending more time with children than their parents are, then … how and why is this happening? How are kids being drawn in? How do their parents feel about this – and what is the impact?

So our 2 year journey began. We started having lengthy discussions and interaction with kids, parents, teachers and businesses. We read a lot of books and trawled endless websites to understand this topic – inside & out. This is what we learnt:

There exists a gap between what parents THINK they know and what they ACTUALLY know and it is in this GAP where many children are finding themselves.

Children were saying:

  • “I wish I could un-see what I have seen”
  • “I don’t think we as kids know how to have fun anymore”
  • “You grew up in a 3D world and are changing it to 2D, we are growing up in a 2D world and really wish it was 3D.”
  • “I would never let my little brother see what my parents have allowed me to see”
  • “Parents have no idea how the world works – they think that because they know the word ‘cyber’ that they know what cyberbullying is – they have no idea”.
  • “Parents want to know about devices and technology but they don’t want to learn”.

As business owners operating in the private and public sectors, we have first hand experience of corporations targeting an audience for commercial gain and using social media as a ‘low cost’ path to reach them.

Working with a group of expert deviceKids who believe that parents should really know more to protect their children, we decided to formulate a breakthrough program to help parents navigate this new world so that together we could help resolve this gap between those who are born digital and those who are not.


This report will give you
7 POWERFUL INSIGHTS into how ‘the device knowledge gap’ is impacting children and parents – everyday.

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The founders


A Marketing Director with over 20 years experience in sales, communication and marketing, Stacey has worked closely with over 100 companies in a broad range of industries to redefine their brand, target their audience and increase their bottom line. As a junior sports coach and mentor, Stacey’s focus is on building kids’ understanding self-esteem and personal reward gained through effort. She understands the world of behavioural drivers.




Stacey Gouveia
B.A. Sociology
and Media


A Founding Director of several businesses and past youth worker. Having worked with over 1000 children pre the ‘device era’ and now again as a junior sports coach, Toni has seen the impacts first hand. Childhood itself is being disrupted. Toni is well established in the HR, recruitment and marketing world and has consulted to over 50 major global companies plus she has won several awards for innovative e-Learning products. She understands the world of knowledge gaps.




Toni Macrides
B.A. Psychology
Cert. Social Science
Cert. Management

Meet the deviceKids


Rob 15. Loves Twitter, Instagram, tumblr., YouTube, Snapchat and Vice. He is a technology guru and knows the hurdles to jump. Outsmarting parents is a talent. He has had negative experiences with social media. His dad is tech savvy, mum is not.


Kate 16. Loves Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Messenger. An academic who worries about the future she hates social media because of some negative experiences but is on it all the time. Her parents are not tech savvy.


Emma 15. Loves Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and … selfies. Emma has been exposed on social media and so tries to be careful. She doesn’t feel like she is addicted to her phone. Her parents think they are tech savvy but they’re not.


Michael 14. Loves Vine, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. He is social, sporty, loves brands and online buying and selling. He would tell his parents he uses Snapchat for ‘homework’ purposes … and he loves games. One parent doesn’t use technology at all.


Max 13. Loves Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube and loves League of Legends and other gambling style games. He knows how to outwit his parents and is keen to know more. Had his share of tough times online. His parents are not tech savvy.


Chloe 16. Loves Instagram, Snapchat, League of Legends, and is a game addict. Sadly has seen friends fall because of social media but uses social integration profusely in the online gaming world. Her folks also game but are not tech savvy.

What kids are saying about growing up digital.

More and more kids are accessing mobile devices unsupervised - on a daily basis.
Do you know what they're doing? Do you know why? Do you know what they're feeling inside?

Sam, 13

“It’s funny because i’m not allowed to ride my bike to the shops to see my mates but I can look at porn whenever I want too. Who knows what my parents are thinking... it doesn’t make sense.”

Sarah, 14

“There are definitely things I’ve seen that I wish I could unsee.”

Anika, 15

“I pretend i’m over 18 all of the time... except that I don’t really need to pretend because I can just access whatever I want anyway, it’s really easy’’

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